Daily Specials


Misfits Monday


Mid Shelf Vodkas $4

Pineapple Express $5.25

.75 cents off “My” liquors

Trivia With  Third Degree Entertainment @ 8;30 pm

Free Pub Pong @10pm


Tuesday Booze Day


Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Shot $4

Toasty Titty $6

Well Drinks $3.50

Free Texas Hold-em @7:00 & 10pm

Karaoke @ 9:30pm

Wednesday Wants

Fireball shots $4.50

Tall Applesauce $6.50

JackHoney   $4.50

All Wines .75¢ off

Karaoke @ 9;30pm

Thankful Thursdays

Customer Appreciation Day!

All Bottles  .50¢ off

All Pitchers & Drafts  .75¢ off

All Spirits & Specialty Liquors  .75¢ off

Tall Cans $2.50

Karaoke @ 9:30pm

Free Pub Pong @10pm



Jagermeister Shots $5.25

Bull Blasters $6

Manager Roulette Drink Special

Free Texas Hold-em @7 & 10pm

Karaoke @ 9:30pm

Singing Saturdays

Sex on the Beach $5.75

Micro-brew Pints $4 & $5

Fuzzy Navels $4.25

Free Texas Hold-em @4, 7 & 10pm

Karaoke @ 9:30pm

Super Power Sunday 

Moscow Mules $5.00

Touch Downs $5.00

All Call Whiskey & Scotch .75¢ Off


Gluten Free Items

Wicked Granny Smith Cider

Deep Eddy Vodkas; Plain, Grapefruit, Cranberry, and Sweet Tea,

Smirnoff Vodkas; We have to many flavors to name

Tito’s Vodka


Micro Beers

Pitchers $13.00 160z Drafts $4.75

We rotate our handles often and stick mostly local come in and see whats new!! Right now we have

Mac & Jacks

Guinness 16oz Can $5.25


 Pitchers $15.25 16oz Drafts $5.75

We rotate our handles often and stick to local brewery’s come in and see whats new!! Right now we have

HEATHEN Brewery-DUBGHALL Dry Irish Stout

DOOMSDAY Brewery dark chocolate stout

WIDMER Brewery                                    -BRRR awesome winter ale

10 BARREL- Apocalypse IPA

KONA Brewery -Fire Rock IPA



Happy February. New take on a great ale


Pitchers $16 16oz Drafts $6.00

Wicked Granny Smith cider


**Try out our seasonal options

DOGTAG Brewing 16oz. Legacy Lager $4.50

Deschutes 12oz. JUBELALE- A Winter Ale $4

Wicked 12oz. Baked Apple $4.75 can



8.4oz Redbull $3.25

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer Bottle $2.50

Can and Fountain Sodas $1.50

Italian Soda $2.75

Redbull Italian Soda $3.75



*Happy Hour 3pm-7pm  seven days a week. $3.50 well drinks. $3.50 Domestic drafts!!

Come in to check out our monthly hot sheets for food and drinks!!!

Bottle List

Lost Coast Brewery-Tangerine Wheat $4.25

New Castle $4

12oz Corona $4

24oz Corona $5

32oz Corona Familiar $6

Mikes Lemonades $4

-Black Cherry, Cranberry/Passionfruit, Original

Rainer Pale Mountain Ale 16oz. $4


$3.75 Bottles

Michelob Ultra


Coors Light

MGD / Miller Lite

Molsen Ice

Budweiser/Bud Light

Bud Light Lime

Bud Light Platinum

16oz. Tall Cans $2.75

Rolling Rock

Miller High Life

Keystone Light

Busch & Busch Light